Wallpaper Removal Techniques Used By The Pros

Removing wallpaper is rarely easy. If you get lucky, the wallpaper will come off in large sheets with very little effort and the wall behind it will still be in good shape. But most of the time, it’s attached so well that you can only strip off tiny pieces at a time. Professional painters, like […]

How to Choose the Colors for Your Interior Painting Project

The colors of your home’s interior play a major role in creating its atmosphere. Painting your home’s interior is an important part of keeping your home comfortable, but choosing the colors to use can be difficult. You need to keep the theme and decor of your home consistent, but you also need to create a […]

Sorting Through Paint Types For Your West Chester Home Painting Projects

Choosing paint colors can be complicated, but it gets even more confusing when you don’t know what type of paint to use or where it’s best to use it. There are so many different paints available today, all for specific purposes, that it can get frustrating. One type of paint which is good for one […]

Give Your West Chester Office a Facelift | West Chester Painter

There’s simply no better way to give your West Chester office space the face-lift it needs than to hire in a professional painter who can handle your commercial office space painting. When you need your office space repainted, it’s important you choose the right company to handle your painting project. Your office is a reflection […]

Brookwood Residential Exterior Painting and Siding Staining | West Chester Painter

If you’re looking for a Brookwood area residential exterior painting and siding staining professional company, or a West Chester painter, you want to find experienced painters who can give you the best results for your home. Over the years, your home has probably seen a lot of living, a lot of foot traffic, and a […]

All About West Chester House Painting: Tips and Facts | West Chester Painter

When you repaint your West Chester home, you don’t always know what to expect or how things work. Any time you have questions about the process, give us a call and we’ll gladly answer your questions whether we’re painting for you or not. As your local West Chester professional painting company, our professionals at Fresh […]

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