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When you repaint your West Chester home, you don’t always know what to expect or how things work. Any time you have questions about the process, give us a call and we’ll gladly answer your questions whether we’re painting for you or not.

As your local West Chester professional painting company, our professionals at Fresh Coat Painters of West Chester & Mason offer you some tips for your area home. When you’re looking for professional painters in West Chester, count on our pros and your painting projects will turn out just how you hoped they would. Keep the following tips in mind so you can be sure your home is painted with the best types of paint and that you’re properly prepared for the project.

Types of Paint You May Want To Use On Your West Chester Home’s Interior

Most interior paint projects use a latex based paint which gives beautiful and durable finishes and comes in many varieties of beautiful colors. As the most popular paint choice, latex paints are better today than they ever have been before. Latex can go on just about any surface and will look great in any interior painting project you may be planning in West Chester.

Glossy finishes in paint are best kept for areas where you intentionally want a brilliant shine. Many new modern designs sport a glossy, sparkling finish, especially in bathroom areas where gloss is considered highly luxurious. Highly durable, the gloss finish paints will last and last, giving you great coverage for high moisture areas. Check out the latest modern colors that go great with glass tiles!

Flat paint is an option where you need your eye to be rested. Light is absorbed on purpose with flat paint, where you get no reflection from the surface. It’s great for creating a peaceful, tranquil feeling in a room or home where you intend to have a comfortable, normal vibe.

Preparing Your West Chester Home For The Painter

When you’re planning to have your West Chester home painted, there’s a few things you’ll want to do to prepare the space in advance. So here are a few tips that can save time on your painting projects and ensure your assets are kept well protected.

Ensure you have good access to outside sources of water. Your West Chester painter will need a place to wash their hands and may need to clean off a tool or two. Professional painters should never leave your yard or home a mess, always taking their cleaning off-site to not harm the environment or your home’s surfaces. But not having a way for them to clean off a little could cause a few problems.

Keep pets away. Be sure your pets are comfortably taken care of elsewhere while your painting is going on. There are times where fumes can make them sick, and you sure don’t want them running around while your painter is trying to paint or serious harm can come to them, your West Chester painting professional, or your home.

Put away or cover your belongings with drop cloths. Protect your home furnishings and you’ll be sure everything goes well for your best assets. Move your furnishings into the center of the room so there’s room to paint the walls.

All in all, your West Chester interior painting project should go smoothly, especially if you opt to go with a professional company who’s served the area for years like we have. Give us a call if you need more information on your residential interior painting!

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