Client Testimonials - Fresh Coat of West Chester & Mason

It was a really great experience.  We’re new to the area, so we didn’t base our decision on referrals..   We loved him at the meeting and the quote he gave was very reasonable.  The owner stopped in several times to make sure that everything was going well.  I felt they did a really good job.”

Melissa C from Mason, OH

Little did Trisha know that her exterior siding problems extended beyond mildew on her siding.  “When he (FreshCoat) came over to inspect and give me a quote, he also noticed that I had an area of warped wood.  He was so thorough.  I wouldn’t have noticed the warped spot if they didn’t bring it to my attention” Trisha said.

            At FreshCoat, we don’t quote based on what you’re looking for.  We make real recommendations to you, based on your needs, not ours.  We’re thorough and if something needs to be repaired, we tell you. 

            “He was so detailed, noticing all the small jobs that needed to be fixed.”
Between the siding, front porch, warped wood, repainting and repairing, we exceed our customer’s expectations.  We know it’s not about our skills and experience.  It’s about how we help you.

            “I just felt good about it.  My house looks amazing.  I love it every single day.  I am so glad I called them.  They did a great job.” 

Trisha S. from Maineville, OH

Joel called us (FreshCoat) after learning about our deck staining service.  When we explained that some boards needed to be replaced, we suggested he reuse the wooden boards he already had.    “He saved me money,” Joel said “and even replaced the existing nails with screws.”

Before beginning a project, we encourage our customers to check our references.  After all, building trust takes time.  Joel was impressed and comfortable from the start.  “His workers all checked out and spent tons of time to get into the nooks and crannies, seeing that the job needed extra work,” he said. 

            We deliver what and when we promise, but if the weather becomes a problem, we let you know.  “They told me they would work around it.  He followed up with phone calls and kept me up to date on the process,” he said. 

            We take pride in what we do, so we never ask for payment until the job is complete.   In such tough financial times, we understand that home projects often don’t take priority.  We offer this option to make our customers’ lives easier. 

            “I couldn’t ask for anything better.  They really did a class-A job.”

Joel S, Wilmington, OH

Frustrated and out of ideas, he went back to the same store, asking for a better contact.  Luckily, our name came up.  “When I called, Chris [FreshCoat] called me back within 30 minutes”

            For Tom, handling this exterior work was a big job.  He needed a team of professionals who knew exactly what they were doing.  He needed a company he could rely on.  But the trim work, garage, gutters, front door and interior ceiling were well within FreshCoat’s expertise. 

“I liked this process because they were very professional.  I could tell that they really knew the industry and the value of customer service.  I really appreciate people like that,” he told us. 

Of course, with any job, we always communicate with one another and our customers.   Tom saw this an asset.   “It was a strength they had,” he said.   “It’s obvious that the owner takes great pride in his workmanship.  He came by regularly and even called to make sure we knew when they would come in the morning.”

We value our customers and take care to address each concern and need.  Tom’s opinion about FreshCoat?

Very responsive.  Very professional.  Very good experience.” 

Tom G.  from West Chester, OH

Thank you Tom, for choosing us. 


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